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Willy Green Technology S.r.l. deals with industrial and retai systems, moreover it also acts in the renewable and alternative energy sector, it is able to assemble light, medium and heavy carpentery as well as to carry out welding with FCAW systems and other types

Institute of Technology of Bari

Training and Otientation Internship agreement

Willy Green Tecnology has signed an agreement with the Institute of technology of Bari in order to enhance the necessary exchange of scientific knowledge with the teachers and students. the final goal is to research forms of applied technology for the construction of new photovoltaic systems, also in the agrophotovoltaic (APV) techono system, and in particular the design and construction of a completely innovative and highly productive solar panel.

How we work

La Willy Green Technology s.r.l. ensures maximum reilability thanks to:

a Network of Qualified technicians throughout the country

Technical Management

through a right procedure «design-installation-mainteinance»

Administrative Management of paperwork and correspondence

It deals with all the bureaucratic process

Industry experts

Our main clients

Municipality of Palagianello

Ambrosian Confectionery

Green House

Sun Energia



Willy Green Technology

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Some of our Projects

Gioia del Colle

Construction of a 21 KW photovoltaic system and 90 KW accumulation made with the 110% bonus.